Give new life to your skin & treat yourself or someone special
"Today Life is extremely bustling and Hectic. Humans are aggravated and tired rationally and physically because of Long Business Hours, Extensive Travelling, and Other Social issues. Because of these reasons Body Massage is getting so popular. Body Massage is actual abundant capital for alleviation of our body, anatomy & to advance claret circulation. Physique Massage is actual advantageous in physique pain, Back Ache & tiredness (Mentally or physically).."

Remedial Massage 60 mins ... $85

Relaxation Massage 60 mins ... $80

Deep Tissue Massage 60 mins..$85

Rejuvenate your mind & body with this relaxing massage. By increasing oxygen in your circulation and releasing toxins from your muscles, your stress levels are lowered and nervous system relaxed.
A specialised massage technique is used to transport you into a state of deep relaxation assisting in rebalancing the body's energy and calming the mind.
Restore your body back to health with a Remedial massage, by supporting and speeding up the body's own repair mechanisms.

Pregnancy Massage 60 mins... $90

Head Massage 30 mins ... $45

Foot Massage 30 mins .. $45

Massage during pregnancy can reduce peripheral swelling, help to prevent insomnia, reduce muscle cramps and back pain, and soothe the nervous system. Massage is performed on your side with comforting pillows for extra relaxation and support. 
Head Massage Helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain. Promotes hair growth. Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression. Boosts memory capabilities.
Design for you a Foot massage enhances lubrication and circulation, and helps draw toxins to the surface for release. Helps prevent foot and ankle injuries. Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety. Helps with headaches and migraines. Lowers blood pressure. Helps with flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Reduces effects of edema (swelling) in pregnant women.

Rejuvenating Back Treatment 60 mins.. $90

Coconut Scrub + Relaxing Massage 80 mins $135

Silk Salt Scrub/ Body wrap 100 mins .. $170 

Full Body scrub with body butter Massage. And full body massage with coconut Oil.
Incorporating Australian Sea Salt, Macadamia Oil, Australian Lime, Lemongrass, Coconut Oil and Eucalyptus, this powerful combination will nourish your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
hydrate - warm mud rich in vitamins and minerals to refine and soften your skin.
detox – warm seaweed, red wine and green tea to stimulate skin, great for cellulite! 
A customised facial for your back!
Great for brides, or any women experiencing acne. Treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, hydrating steam, relaxing back & neck massage, balancing mask and moisturise. Also includes a luxurious scalp massage.   
Relax and enjoy as you are pampered like never before. Begin with a hot towel compress followed by a 20-minute body exfoliation using a beautifully coconut body scrub, then removed with an exfoliating body mitt and hot towels. A warm oil 60-minute massage then follows to release all your tense muscles and relax the mind.  
This scrub & massage will see to it that you have a blissful treatment with glowing, radiant skin.